the grand canyon south rim at sunset with low hanging clouds

13 Best Vegas Grand Canyon Tour Excursions Not To Miss

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On the hunt for the best Vegas Grand Canyon tour excursion to meet your needs? No worries, as we have you covered with a wide array of options!

Hello, fellow adventurers!

Over the years, we’ve become frequent tour-goers dedicated to experiencing the options at the incredible locations we visit.

And we’re here to share our insights and adventures with you regarding the jewel that is the Grand Canyon, equipping you with first-hand knowledge to make the best choice for your journey.

You see, we believe that each traveler is unique, carrying different dreams and expectations for their Grand Canyon adventure. We know we had certain things in mind when we went on our first trip to the park.

Some of you are thrill-seekers yearning for heart-stopping views from a helicopter seat, others are history buffs seeking to unearth the canyon’s geological wonders, and still others might crave the peaceful solitude that only a quiet private tour can offer.

This is where we come in—we’re here to help you find the best Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas that suit your tastes and will create memories that last a lifetime.

So come and join us as we walk you through a breakdown of the top tour contenders and unravel the mystique of the Grand Canyon.

Our Top 3 Best Vegas Grand Canyon Tour Excursions

Too busy to read our complete list right now? Here are our top 3 recommendations for the best tours from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon National Park!

#1 TOP Pick
the desert watchtower stands tall against a setting sun with storm clouds rolling in

Sunset South Rim

✔️ Spend sunset at one of the world’s iconic attractions

✔️ Small group tour of just 10 max

#2 Pick
the skywalk about the grand canyon west rim hangs over the edge of the canyon

West Rim & Hoover Dam Bus Tour

✔️ Incredible BBQ lunch included

✔️ Can upgrade to do the Skywalk

#3 Pick
a helicopter shadow can be seen below on the ground as it takes flight

Helicopter Tour with Champagne

✔️ Unique way to see the canyon

✔️ Landing for a champagne picnic

Grand Canyon Small Group Tours From Las Vegas

Let’s start with the best Grand Canyon tours from Vegas, which are small group tours. While slightly more expensive than the bus tours that we have coming up next, they are often limited to 15 people or less. In our opinion, it is worth the extra cost for a more personalized touch.

1. Sunset South Rim Tour

Rating: 5/5 ⭐️ | 🚌 15 hours

the desert watchtower stands tall against a setting sun with storm clouds rolling in

☘️ Our #1 pick for the best Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas

This tour is the perfect way to experience one of the most breathtaking natural attractions in the United States.

It takes you on a journey through the grandeur of Grand Canyon South Rim and provides an opportunity to witness its world-famous sunset, all while exploring with an experienced guide.

As part of this small group tour (max of ten people), you will be taken on a journey of discovery, with stops on the way for photo ops at Hoover Dam and along Route 66.

Your trip will also include a packed lunch and bottled water to keep you nourished throughout the day.

Alfonso was the best ever! Amazing day and an unforgettable experience. Trip was well thought out and tour guide was second to none. Pictures looked to be professionally done and will be kept forever. There is no competition for Grand Adventure Tours!

– Anonymous (see more reviews here)

📎 Note: Keep in mind that this tour may have you back to your hotel quite late, depending on the season. In the summer, sunset at the canyon will be around 8:30 pm so you won’t be back in Vegas until about 1 am.

➡️ Check Prices & Availability for the Sunset South Rim Tour

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2. West Rim (With HOover Dam) Small Group Tour

Rating: 5/5 ⭐️ | 🚌 9 hours

the grand canyon with the colorado river running through it

This luxury small group tour is perfect for travelers looking to explore the breathtaking beauty of the Grand Canyon West Rim.

A luxury Mercedes will comfortably transport you to and from the canyon.

Once at the West Rim, you will get plenty of time to enjoy the viewpoints on your own; there is no need to rush as you will have ample time.

During this tour, you’ll enjoy a packed lunch and bottled water, plus a stop for photos at Hoover Dam.

As an optional upgrade, you can also experience the thrilling Skywalk at the West Rim, which offers stunning views of the canyon floor.

With all these amazing features, this is a perfect tour for those looking for an unforgettable visit to the Grand Canyon!

What a day. From the moment we got picked up from our hotel, Matt was great. Very entertaining for the whole journey, had us laughing from the start…This tour made our visit from the UK to Vegas worth every minute of the journey.

– Rachael (see more reviews here)

➡️ Check Prices & Availability for the West Rim (with Hoover Dam) Small Group Tour

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Grand Canyon Bus Tours From Las Vegas

Bus tours will be the most economical way to see the Grand Canyon. So if you are on a tighter budget, it is a great way to see this incredible place without breaking the bank. Here are our choices for the best Las Vegas to Grand Canyon tours via bus.

3. West Rim + Hoover Dam Bridge Bus Tour

Rating: 5/5 ⭐️ | 🚌 10 – 11 hours

the skywalk hangs over the west rim looking down 4000 ft

☘️ Our #2 pick for the best Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas

This Vegas Grand Canyon tour takes you to the awe-inspiring West Rim of the Grand Canyon.

The trip begins with a hot breakfast before heading out for a quick stop at Hoover Dam Bridge and then onto scenic viewpoints within the Grand Canyon.

A barbecue lunch is included halfway through your journey.

You can upgrade your experience by adding an optional excursion; there are two options. You can take a thrilling 45-minute helicopter ride over the canyon or add the Skywalk experience – a one-of-a-kind glass walkway suspended 4,000 feet above the ground.

Whether you upgrade or not, this is an unforgettable tour that will give you plenty of time to explore and marvel at the breathtaking beauty of the Grand Canyon.

The tour was incredible. Everything was scheduled perfectly. Tour guide Charlie and driver Carlos were exceptional. Charlie provided all the necessary information including historical facts about the places. Both the breakfast and lunch included in the tour were good.

– Mamata (see more reviews here)

➡️ Check Prices & Availability for the West Rim + Hoover Dam Bridge Bus Tour

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4. South Rim Bus Tour

Rating: 4.5/5 ⭐️ | 🚌 15 – 16 hours

the expansive grand canyon as far as the eye can see

This South Rim tour departs from Las Vegas and takes you to the spectacular landscape of the Grand Canyon.

Bus tours will be the least expensive way to get to the Grand Canyon, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer. This bus is a luxury, air-conditioned bus with bathrooms on board.

On the way, you’ll make a stop at Seligman, Arizona, for a glimpse at Route 66, and lunch will be provided, along with bottled water and snacks.

Once you arrive at the Grand Canyon, you’ll be able to take in breathtaking views from several viewpoints.

Amazing tour! The Canyon is breathtaking and our guide, Layla, had very in depth knowledge of the Grand Canyon and all of our stops along the way there and back. She was very friendly and made the experience very enjoyable.

– Demi (see more reviews here)

➡️ Check Prices & Availability for the South Rim Bus Tour

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Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours From Las Vegas

This section has three of the best Las Vegas tours to Grand Canyon National Park via helicopter. What can we say? We couldn’t just pick two. Flying to the Grand Canyon by helicopter is one of those experiences you will be talking about for years to come.

5. Grand Canyon Tour With Champagne

Star Rating: 4.5/5 ⭐️| 🚁 4 to 5 hours

champagne being poured into a glass

☘️ Our #3 pick for the best Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas

This helicopter tour is an unforgettable experience that will take you over the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead in a state-of-the-art aircraft.

As you soar through the sky, you’ll be able to appreciate the stunning views of the Grand Canyon West Rim from a unique perspective.

On top of the bird’s eye view, this tour gives you something you can’t get elsewhere. It includes a unique landing opportunity at the bottom of the canyon, 4,000 feet down.

As a special treat, you will receive a delicious champagne picnic while taking in the canyon walls’ views from the bottom.

You won’t find an adventure like this anywhere else!

This was a great Tour. My wife and I celebrated out 1st wedding anniversary in Vegas and the entire experience was a blast. The highlight was the Helicopter 🚁 tour above the Hoover Dam, Lake Meade and into the Grand Canyon, with lite refreshments, ending with a fly by of downtown Vegas.

– Larry (see more reviews here)

📎 Tip: If you want to add a bit of romance, pick a sunset tour.

➡️ Check Prices & Availability for the Grand Canyon Tour With Champagne

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6. Helicopter Flight with Eagle Point Rim Landing

Star Rating: 5/5 ⭐️ | 🚁 4 to 5 hours

people look at the hoover dam from a plane headed to the grand canyon

This helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon West Rim is an exciting and unique way to take in the beauty of Arizona.

You’ll get to fly over the Hoover Dam before heading to the Grand Canyon. You will take in views from above before enjoying a short dip below the rim for some added excitement.

After landing at the West Rim, spend some time admiring the panoramic views of this incredible natural wonder.

While not included in the tour, you can also purchase tickets on location to step out onto the glass Skywalk for incredible views straight down into the canyon.

On your way back, you’ll fly over the Las Vegas Strip before returning to your starting point.

We’ve flown in a helicopter! We were nervous but no need , the experience was well organised, professional , awesome and amazing! Views from the air and view point are just wonderful! Definitely one to do!

– Alison (see more reviews here)

➡️ Check Prices & Availability for the Helicopter Flight with Eagle Point Rim Landing

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7. Flight + Sunset Valley Of Fire Landing

Star Rating: 5/5 ⭐️| 🚁 4 hours

shadow of a helicopter on the desert floor as it lifts off heading to the grand canyon

This incredible helicopter tour is a must-do while in Las Vegas!

On your way to the Grand Canyon West Rim, you’ll take in the Hoover Dam, Colorado River, and Lake Mead views. Then spend some time flying over incredible views of the canyon itself.

This flight is different in that instead of landing at the Grand Canyon; you will land at the nearby Valley of Fire State Park.

With interesting rock formations and beautiful scenery, it is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious champagne toast at a stunning overlook.

To end your tour, you will get a flyover of the Vegas strip before landing.

Jack was amazing!!! Best way to experience Grand Canyon and landing on top for the Valley of Fire made it just perfect!!!

– Mona (see more reviews here)

➡️ Check Prices & Availability for the Flight + Sunset Valley Of Fire Landing

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Two-Day Small Group Vegas Grand Canyon Tour

Are you interested in heading out of Vegas for more than a day? A two-day tour is a great option to see the Grand Canyon and other nearby unique attractions as well.

8. Two-Day Grand Canyon With 3 Incredible Stops

Star Rating: 5/5 ⭐️ | 🚌 2 days

antelope canyon inside the slots shows high walls with some light shining onto the ground below

This one differs from anything else we have suggested because this one is not a day trip. But you get to have so many experiences wrapped into one experience that it is the best grand canyon tour from Vegas that is over one day.

This two-day tour offers an epic and unforgettable journey through Arizona’s most iconic landscapes.

You will explore some of the region’s natural wonders with a small group (ten max). On the first day, you will enjoy stops at Lake Powell, Horseshoe Bend, and Antelope Canyon.

On the second day, you’ll start with a guided sunrise jeep tour of Monument Valley. We have been to Monument Valley; we think this is worth the price alone!

Then it is off to some of the Grand Canyon South Rim’s most picturesque viewpoints before returning to Vegas.

This adventure includes lunch on both days, breakfast on day two, and plenty of opportunities to witness spectacular sites!

I can’t believe all the sights we saw in just two days! Antelope Canyon and Monument Valley were my favorites! Photos of the Grand Canyon just don’t do justice to seeing it in person.

– Lana (see more reviews here)

➡️ Check Prices & Availability for the Two-Day Grand Canyon Tour with 3 Incredible Stops

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Grand Canyon Private Tours From Las Vegas

Don’t want to hang out with a ton of new friends? Or just want a more personalized experience? We feel like private tours can be some of the best Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas.

9. West Rim In A SUV

Star Rating: 5/5 ⭐️ | 🚌 7 to 8 hours

a large boulder sits at the canyon edge of the west rim of the grand canyon

This private Grand Canyon West Rim tour is a great way to explore one of Arizona’s most impressive natural wonders.

You will ride comfortably in an SUV (which might be substituted with a van for larger groups) with just your family and friends.

Your tour includes continental breakfast, lunch, and bottled water, so you don’t have to think about packing food or drinks.

Once at the West Rim, enjoy plenty of time at select viewpoint stops. No need to rush as you get to spend more than 2 hours at the canyon.

There is also an opportunity to purchase tickets for the Skywalk, which isn’t included in the tour but offers unparalleled views of the canyon below.

This West Rim tour is an excellent way to experience some of Arizona’s breathtaking natural beauty.

Fantastic Experience; Our tour guide Sammie was great! And getting us their early before the crowds was the best Grand Canyon hack ever!

– Steve (see more reviews here)

➡️ Check Prices & Availability for the West Rim In A SUV Private Tour

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10. Private South Rim At Sunset

Star Rating: 5/5 ⭐️| 🚌 14 hours

sunset at the south rim shows a colorful sky with the canyon below

This private tour to the Grand Canyon South Rim is a great way to experience one of the most picturesque parts of Arizona.

The tour includes two stops along Route 66, Kingman and Seligman, as you make your way to the Grand Canyon.

You will have plenty of time at the Grand Canyon to take a guided walk, see breathtaking views, and take fantastic photos before the big finale.

What is the big finale? Sunset, of course! A stunning sunset that you have to see to believe.

Being on a private tour allows you to enjoy this wonder of the world with just your close family and friends on tour. This is truly a magical and memorable experience!

Please note that similar to #3 above, depending on the season you might return to your hotel in Vegas quite late.

Truly mind blowing experience! Definitely a wonder of world. The tour was fantastic. Tomo, the guide was very professional and engaging.

– Stanley (see more reviews here)

➡️ Check Prices & Availability for the Private South Rim Sunset Tour

Grand Canyon Plane Tours From Las Vegas

Don’t feel comfortable in a helicopter but want to take to the air? Then traveling via plane might be a better option for you.

11. West Rim Flight-seeing With Optional Addons

Star Rating: 4.5/5 ⭐️ | 🛩 7 to 8 hours

a young boy looks out the window at the grand canyon during a airplane flight over the canyon

This Vegas Grand Canyon tour to the West Rim is a quick and convenient way to experience some of Arizona’s natural beauty.

You will fly in a small plane from Boulder City, with the flight to the West Rim taking only about 35 minutes. You will get the chance to pass over Hoover Dam and the Colorado River along the way.

Once at the West Rim, the plane will land, and you’ll have several hours to take in the impressive views of the canyon.

There are several options if you want to upgrade for an even more unique experience. Option one is to add the famous Skywalk for breathtaking views of the canyon floor from above.

Option two is to add a short helicopter ride down to the canyon floor before catching a 15-minute pontoon boat ride on the Colorado River. So not only do you get the plane ride, but you also get a helicopter ride and a boat ride – the best of all worlds, in our opinion.

And finally, option three includes all three activities (Skywalk, helicopter, boat) as part of the package.

This fantastic tour opens up possibilities to explore the beauty of the Grand Canyon in a completely different way.

We had the most amazing time on this trip. From start to finish everyone was lovely. We did flight, helicopter and boat trip. The memory of this will last a lifetime.

– Karen (see more reviews here)

➡️ Check Prices & Availability for the West Rim Flight-seeing Tour

12. West Rim Airplane Tour

Star Rating: 4.5/5 ⭐️ | 🛩 4 hours

sunset at the south rim of the grand canyon, in this case one of the plateaus is shown with orange light and low hanging clouds

We wanted to mention this tour because it is “air-only.” Not only is it shorter than the other airplane tour we suggested, but you will not be making any ground stops with this tour. It is purely about seeing the sights from above.

This airplane tour is the perfect way to take in the beauty of Lake Mead and Hoover Dam while also seeing the Grand Canyon West Rim.

You’ll fly over the famous Grand Canyon and see the Skywalk from above.

This tour is perfect for you if you have an extensive Las Vegas itinerary and only want to devote 1/2 day to sightseeing the Grand Canyon.

You’ll be able to take in the stunning views, experience a one-of-a-kind flight, and then get back to the blackjack table before your luck runs out.

Fab Experience. Brilliant views of grand canyon and Hoover Dam. Plane very comfortable- take off and landing very good. Pilot very friendly and informative.

– Amy (see more reviews here)

➡️ Check Prices & Availability for the West Rim Airplane Tour

Grand Canyon Rafting Tours From Las Vegas

Last but certainly not least on our list is the best Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas via rafting!

For the adventurous of you, white-water rafting in the canyon can be an experience of a lifetime. We have been white-water rafting (not at the Grand Canyon), and it is an exhilarating and incredible experience that we would repeat again and again if allowed.

13. White Water Rafting Tour

Star Rating: 4.5/5 ⭐️ | 🛶 15 hours

a white water rafter in the rapids of the colorado river in the grand canyon

This thrilling white-water rafting tour on the Colorado River is a must-see for anyone looking to experience the bottom of the Grand Canyon and is one of the best Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas.

You’ll get to spend the day in the canyon and participate in a 5-hour rafting trip that includes a sack lunch.

During your tour, you will travel nearly 60 miles along the Colorado River, making stops to explore the canyon’s wonders.

Whether you’re an experienced rafter or just looking to try something new, this tour offers a unique way to explore one of the world’s most iconic destinations. Don’t miss out on this one if you want to get wet!

This tour surpassed our expectations. The driver arrived on time and fully explained what to expect. Our guide, Elijah, was just amazing! It was a hot day in the Canyon but the cold river felt great, and going over the turbulence was thrilling! My friends and I would do this tour again in a second!!

– Sandy (see more reviews here)

➡️ Check Prices & Availability for the White Water Rafting Tour

the grand canyon south rim at sunset with low hanging clouds

Grand Canyon South Rim VS West Rim

You may have noticed, particularly on the driving tours, that we provided one option to the West Rim and one to the South Rim. So what’s the difference?

West Rim

The West Rim, managed by the Hualapai Tribe, is the closest part of the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas, making it a popular choice for day-trippers.

This rim is home to the famous Grand Canyon Skywalk, a glass bridge that extends 70 feet over the canyon for a unique viewing experience.

It also offers attractions like Eagle Point, Guano Point, and Hualapai Ranch.

The West Rim provides a blend of natural beauty and adventurous activities.

However, its infrastructure and facilities are less extensive than the South Rim and the West Rim isn’t technically part of the national park.

South Rim

The South Rim, part of the National Park Service, is the most visited part of the Grand Canyon.

It’s a bit further from Las Vegas but offers the iconic, vast, and expansive views of the Grand Canyon most often seen in photographs and media.

The South Rim has a variety of hiking trails like the Bright Angel and South Kaibab Trails, historic buildings, and great visitor services.

It also has several scenic overlooks and the Grand Canyon Village, which hosts a variety of lodging options, eateries, and shops.

The South Rim maintains more of a wild, national park feel compared to the West Rim.

In summary, the choice between the West and South Rims depends on your preferences, available time, and desired experience.

The West Rim is more accessible from Las Vegas and offers unique attractions like the Skywalk. At the same time, the South Rim provides the classic Grand Canyon experience with expansive views and more extensive facilities.

Both rims, however, promise a memorable experience of one of the world’s natural wonders.

How Far Apart Is The Grand Canyon and Las Vegas

On a day trip from Las Vegas, you can choose from two different areas of the Grand Canyon to visit.

The closest area is the West Rim, about 125 miles from Vegas.

google map of the drive between vegas and grand canyon west rim

The other option is to head to the South Rim. The South Rim is quite a bit further, around 280 miles from Vegas.

the travel map showing the best route from las vegas to the grand canyon south rim

FAQs For Taking A Vegas Grand Canyon Tour

Let’s answer some common questions about heading to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas.

Is A Grand Canyon Tour From Vegas Worth It?

Absolutely! A Grand Canyon tour from Vegas offers a unique, hassle-free way to experience one of the world’s most stunning natural wonders. It efficiently combines transportation, knowledgeable guides, and stunning views, maximizing your adventure while ensuring comfort and convenience. It’s a spectacular, bucket-list-worthy experience that’s worth every penny.

Which Part Of The Grand Canyon Is Best To Visit From Las Vegas?

The West Rim is the best section of the Grand Canyon to visit from Las Vegas due to its proximity, which is about 2 hours by road. It offers breathtaking views, the famous Skywalk, and opportunities for cultural experiences at the Hualapai Native American reservation. However, the South Rim is also accessible for a longer day trip if you have the time.

What Is The Best Month To Visit Las Vegas And Grand Canyon?

The best time to visit Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon is spring (March to May) or fall (September to November). These periods offer milder weather, comfortable for exploring both the bustling city and the natural grandeur of the Canyon. Plus, these off-peak times often provide better deals and smaller crowds.

Is The Drive From Las Vegas To Grand Canyon Scary?

No, the drive from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon is typically not scary. It’s a well-traveled route featuring wide, well-maintained highways. The route is scenic and straightforward, though some sections can be slightly hilly. Remember to always drive carefully and respect local speed limits and regulations for a safe and enjoyable journey.

Can You Get A Tour From Vegas To The Grand Canyon?

Yes, you can! There are many tours available from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. Options range from bus tours, exciting helicopter rides, and thrilling white-water rafting trips. Some tours even offer unique experiences like skywalk visits and sunsets. It’s a convenient and enriching way to explore the Canyon.

grand canyon national park, view of the canyon with a few low hanging clouds

To Finish – 13 Best Vegas Grand Canyon Tour Excursions Not To Miss

As we draw this adventure to a close, we hope our insights have guided you closer to finding your perfect fit among the best Vegas Grand Canyon tour options.

Still feeling conflicted? We really don’t think you can go wrong with our top choice of Sunset at the South Rim.

We stayed for sunset, and it was unbelievable.

Remember that regardless of choice, each journey promises unforgettable memories steeped in natural beauty and thrilling experiences.

So, go ahead and dive into the world of exploration. The Grand Canyon’s timeless grandeur awaits, and your perfect Vegas-to-Canyon journey is just a booking away.

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