the boothill graveyard building with two benches out front, behind the building sits the famous cemetery

7 Best Tombstone Ghost Tours To Spook You (2023)

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Are you ready for some creepy Tombstone ghost tours? If you said yes, we’ve got your back with tours that will give you chills and thrills…and a bit of history to boot!

Hey there, fellow thrill-seekers and history buffs! We’re your fellow road warriors who’ve been braving the Southwest’s sunsets and salsa for years now.

We even spent an entire winter in Tombstone once, the town too tough to die, durable as a cactus, and just as prickly.

Between chuckwagon races and chili cook-offs, we dared to do a Tombstone ghost tour (on Halloween, no less!).

Spooky? You bet your boots!

So, if you’re scratching your head, wondering which ghost tour will give you the most bone-chilling bang for your buck, rest easy. We’ve been there, done that, and lived to spill the spectral beans.

Get ready to yippee ki-yay your way through the seven best ghost tours Tombstone has to offer.

Our Top Tombstone Ghost Tours

Too busy to read our complete list right now? Here are our top recommendations for the best ghost tours in Tombstone, Az!

#1 TOP Pick
the outside of big nose kates after dark. The interior lights up the stain glass windows on either side of the door depicting big nose kate. A crowd waits out front.

Bullets and Bordellos Tour

✔️ Adult only

✔️ Hear stories as you wander past all the famous sites in Tombstone

#2 Pick
the bird cage theatre after dark with 2 creepy characters out front for halloween

Dead Men’s Tales Tour

✔️ Family friendly

✔️ Toned down chills, but still seeing all the famous ghost sites in town after dark

7 Best Tombstone Haunted Tours

If you’re hankering for some paranormal pizazz, let’s dive right into the ghost tours in Tombstone that’ll have you trembling in your cowboy boots! By the end of this, you’ll be a bonafide spectral connoisseur, or your name isn’t Wyatt Earp!

1. Bullets And Bordellos Ghost Tour

Rating: 4.5/5 ⭐️ | 🕦 1.5 Hours | 🏅 Viator Badge of Excellence

Larian Motel sign after dark along with a no vacancy sign, the larian motel was one of the stops on our tombstone ghost tours walk

☘️ Our #1 pick for best Tombstone ghost tours!

Prepare for a shiver-inducing spectacle with the Bullets and Bordellos Ghost Tour, an absolute gem for those seeking the best ghost tour in Tombstone.

This isn’t a typical evening stroll; instead, it’s a heart-stopping journey into Tombstone’s macabre past.

Perfect for those new to this ghostly world, it reveals horrifying tales of murders, suicides, and malevolent spirits that chill to the bone.

Walking under the moonlight only heightens the eeriness, allowing for a more personal understanding of the historical sites.

This terrifying tour features several of Tombstone’s most haunted locations.

First up, the notorious O.K. Corral, site of the famous gunfight and now home to some decidedly uneasy spirits.

Then, step past Big Nose Kate’s Saloon for a taste of cowboy life, built atop the haunted ruins of The Grand Hotel.

Further down the line, the Crystal Palace Saloon awaits, located at one of the most deadly intersections in America.

Finally, prepare for a nerve-wracking end to the tour at the Bird Cage Theatre, dubbed the Theater of Death.

With a dollar to spare and bravery to challenge, this adults-only ghost tour invites anyone daring enough to uncover the stories buried deep within Tombstone’s history.

We loved the mix of history and spooky tales, our guide has a gift for storytelling! The way he told the stories he shared with us really brought the people and places of Tombstone to life.

– Taber M (more reviews)

➡️ Check Prices & Availability for Bullets & Bordellos

🌵 Grab your cowboy hat, leash up your furry sidekick, and mosey on down to Tombstone because we’re about to spill the beans on the best pet-friendly hotels in the wildest town in the West!

2. The Dead Men’s Tales Walking Ghost Tour

Rating: 4.5/5 ⭐️ | 🕦 1.5 Hours | 🏅 Viator Badge of Excellence

the bird cage theatre after dark with 2 creepy characters out front for halloween

☘️ Our #2 pick for best Tombstone ghost tours!

Allow yourself to be transported back to the eerie past with The Dead Men’s Tales Ghost Tour.

It’s more than just a stroll – it’s a haunting exploration of Tombstone’s deep-seated supernatural history.

Uncover the hushed whispers and stories that ordinary guidebooks fear to tell, involving ghostly cowboys, notorious gun battles, and the spectral inhabitants of Tombstone’s bygone era.

The journey commences at the infamous O.K. Corral, the very grounds of the blood-curdling shootout that still echoes with the unrest of those spectral souls who fell there.

Following that, the route leads to the Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park. Once a symbol of law and order, it now houses a museum laced with a supernatural twist.

The ghost walk doesn’t stop there; it proceeds next to the spine-chilling Schieffelin Hall.

Rumor has it the scarlet-clad lady and a despair-driven suicide victim haunt this former theater. Now, that’s a chilling cast to encounter!

The tour concludes at the Bird Cage Theatre, known for hosting the longest poker game ever; it now resonates with the spectral presence of Tombstone’s original ghostly denizens.

This tour’s aim is more than just spinning tales of the Wild West and cowboy apparitions. It’s about revealing a unique, spectral lens through which Tombstone’s history is viewed.

The Dead Men’s Tales Walking Ghost Tour is family-friendly and includes a variety of venues, ensuring an enthralling experience for all.

Tess was a fun, knowledgeable and all around excellent host for our Tombstone ghost tour! She had all the “inside” info that included photos and videos that she shared with us throughout the tour.

– Scott B (more reviews)

➡️ Check Prices & Availability for Dead Men’s Tales

🌵 Swap your golf clubs for a six-shooter, and trade your spa slippers for cowboy boots as we take you on a wild ride from the manicured greens of Scottsdale to the untamed streets of Tombstone!

3. Tombstone Terrors: Ghosts and Gunslingers

Rating: 4.5/5 ⭐️ | 🕦 1 Hours | 🏅 Viator Badge of Excellence

a door with bars inside big nose kate's saloon for the "jail."  For halloween, the door is decorated with spiderwebs and a large spider

Delve into the spine-tingling allure of the paranormal and historical with the eerie Tombstone Terrors Ghost Tour, courtesy of US Ghost Adventures.

This nocturnal expedition ventures into the heart of Tombstone, unmasking the spectral residents and their haunted stomping grounds.

The journey begins at the legendary Bird Cage Theatre, an authentic 1880s structure reputed as the eternal haunt for 26 spirits. Hear the stories behind the 140 bullet holes punctuating its walls, each a mute witness to the botched gunfights of old.

Next, the tour skirts past the Buford House, an entity so haunted that it’s featured on Celebrity Ghost Stories. Anticipate the uncanny experiences that shocked Bruce Boxleitner during his visit.

The tour progresses to the Crystal Palace, a place teeming with restless souls, thanks to its tumultuous past marked by multiple fires, a daring heist, and an 1887 earthquake.

An eerie halt at Big Nose Kate’s Saloon follows. Here, much of the supernatural activity is centered around the basement. Tune into the bone-chilling accounts of visitors’ experiences.

The final call is at the infamous O. K. Corral, site of the renowned Cowboys vs. Earps gunfight. The hair-raising narratives from this haunted place will leave you questioning if the Earps and Cowboys ever truly vacated Tombstone.

Ready to brave the darker side of Tombstone?

I am a history nut so the OK corral was great to see. There was also a lot of paranormal activity there. Also on the trip as we walking near a park a swing started swinging on its own.

– Brice S (more reviews)

➡️ Check Prices & Availability for Tombstone Terrors

🌵 Hitch your wagon and giddy up; we’re about to reveal why a visit to Tombstone is worth more than a pot full of gold nuggets!

the outside of big nose kates after dark.  The interior lights up the stain glass windows on either side of the door depicting big nose kate.  A crowd waits out front.

4. Tombstone Gunfighter And Ghost Tour

In the heart of Tombstone’s Historic District, an interactive journey with Tombstone Gunfighter And Ghost Tour reveals the raw, unadulterated tales documented in the city archives.

Forget about urban legends or movie versions – this ghost tour is the real deal!

As you explore the streets of Tombstone, each step uncovers the impact of gunfights, strange accidents, and untimely demises on the destiny of this renowned Old West town.

The tools of the trade? Infrared Beam Lasers and EMF Meters to physically probe Tombstone’s most haunted spots.

As the hunt for paranormal activity kicks into full gear, you will learn intriguing facts about this legendary 1880s town.

The maestro of these nightly ghost tours is Mike Jones, an authentic gunfighter from one of Tombstone’s popular gunfight shows and a well-informed paranormal specialist & historian.

Alternatively, visitors may meet “Ghost Host,” Laura. With a direct line to the official City Hall archives, Laura’s history sharing is as genuine as it gets.

Her unique sensitivity as an “Empath” makes her a paranormal activity magnet, ensuring an exciting and entertaining tour experience.

🌵 We’re leaving the wild, wild west of Tombstone and hitting the copper trail to Bisbee, where the hills are alive with more than just the sound of gunfire!

5. Tombstone After Dark With Good Enough Silver Mine

Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime with the Tombstone After Dark tour – it’s way more than just your average ghost tour.

It kicks off at Good Enough Mine Drilling Rock, bathed in the eerie glow of candlelight that sets the stage for the spooky tales that follow.

From there, you’ll venture to the mine entrance, where you’ll be regaled with riveting stories of the miners who once toiled there. A centennial tradition, an Offering to the Tommyknockers, is up next, followed by a trolley ride through Toughnut Gulch.

And the pièce de résistance? A visit to the desert to learn about Brunkow Cabin and its chilling history of over twenty murders.

This one-hour, packed tour is sure to deliver chills, thrills, and an unforgettable experience.

🌵 Strap on your spurs, cowboy, ’cause we’re about to rustle up some bold adventures in Tombstone, where tumbleweeds are the only thing rolling slower than the good times!

the outside of the OK Corral after dark with a light shining on the wooden sign above the boardwalk, the OK Corral is visited during the tombstone ghost tours because of its famous history

6. Ghost Tour At The Bird Cage Theatre

Ready to experience a spine-tingling good time? Then brace yourselves because the infamous Tombstone Bird Cage Ghost Tour is here to send chills down your spine!

Imagine walking through the halls of an age-old theater, once booming with laughter, music, and the wild spirits of the Old West, now echoing with the whispers of the past.

Each step you take is guided by the spectral glow of your flashlight, and if you listen carefully, you might just hear the faint sounds of a long-forgotten party.

You’ll experience firsthand the tales of former prostitutes and men in cowboy hats who’ve never quite left the building.

Some brave souls have even reported being touched and nudged by unseen forces.

The laughter, yelling, and music that once filled this lively saloon are still very much alive—just beyond the veil.

With tours starting in the early evening, it’s the perfect way to cap off a day in the Old West. Tickets are available daily at The Bird Cage Theatre.

📎 Tip: Be sure to bring your camera and a sense of adventure because this experience is one you’ll want to remember—if you dare.

🌵 Buckle up, partner! We’re swapping cacti for cowboys as we journey from Tucson’s tranquility to Tombstone’s tumult, where the Old West isn’t just history – it’s a way of life!

7. Ike Clayton’s Haunted Hotel

Buckle up for the ride of your life at Ike Clayton’s Haunted Hotel!

Yes, you heard us right – it’s time for the Tombstone Haunted Hotel Tour.

This isn’t your typical daytime stroll; this is a journey into the unknown, brimming with giggles, ghouls, and one heck of a jump scare.

Located conveniently along the main strip, this tour offers the perfect mix of chills and thrills for kids and adults alike.

The blend of history and spook makes it a not-to-miss attraction in Tombstone.

Is it a bit corny? Absolutely! But let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a little corny fun, especially if it comes with a side of scare?

The ghostly inhabitant—rumored to be Ike Clayton himself—just might make an appearance if you’re lucky.

Prepare to be chilled, thrilled, and filled with laughter on this kid-friendly daytime adventure into the paranormal.

The tombstone haunted hotel tour is the perfect attraction for those looking to add a little touch of the supernatural to their day rather than their night.

one of the old prostitute buildings seen after dark

FAQs For Tombstone, Az, Ghost Tours

Looking for answers to your burning questions about the ghost tours in Tombstone? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions (and answers!) to help you prepare for your spooky adventure.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Into Tombstone, Az?

Entry into the grand ol’ town of Tombstone, Arizona, will cost you exactly zilch, nada, zero dollars! That’s right, pardner, you can roll on into this historic Wild West town without digging into your pockets. But remember, the attractions and tours do have their own fees, so you better keep those shiny coins handy!

What Is There To Do In Tombstone, Az?

In Tombstone, Arizona, there’s never a dull moment! From visiting the infamous O.K. Corral, Boothill Graveyard, and the historic Bird Cage Theatre to ghost tours and panning for gold, you’re in for a wild ride. And don’t miss out on the reenactments of the gunfights that once ruled these streets! Get ready for adventure, y’all!

Is Tombstone Arizona A Tourist Trap?

Oh, absolutely not! Tombstone, Arizona, is no tourist trap – it’s an authentic journey back in time. Sure, it’s a little kitschy, and you might cross paths with Ike Clanton’s ghost, but hey, that’s part of the charm. It’s chock-full of history, culture, and opportunities for fun. So, don’t hesitate; embrace the spirit of the Wild West!

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Tombstone, Arizona?

The best time to visit Tombstone, Arizona, is during the cooler months of late fall and early spring. The weather is more pleasant for outdoor activities, and the town’s events are in full swing. So dust off your cowboy hat, polish those boots, and mosey on down for a rootin’ tootin’ good time!

How Many Days Do You Need In Tombstone?

In all honesty, two days should be enough to soak up the Tombstone experience. On day one, you can immerse yourself in the history, check out the landmarks, and maybe get into a gunfight or two (just kidding!). On day two, indulge in some ghost hunting or gold panning. Don’t forget to try the sarsaparilla!

the boothill graveyard building with two benches out front, behind the building sits the famous cemetery, the cemetery is visited on some of the tombstone ghost tours due to its famous residents

To Finish – Best Tombstone Ghost Tours To Spook You

Tombstone, Arizona, is your go-to destination for living the Wild West dream. And let’s not forget those spine-chilling, thrill-inducing Tombstone ghost tours.

They are the absolute pinnacle of spookiness, guaranteed to make you jump out of your cowboy boots!

Don’t forget to pack your sense of adventure (and perhaps a spare pair of underwear). Sure, you might meet a ghost or two, but hey, it’s all part of the Tombstone experience!

Just remember, in Tombstone, the spirits never really say goodbye!